War of the Burning Sky

Bombs Away

Slithe hears something upstairs. Grobb and Silthe go to investigate. I (Regdar) follow a short distance behind. Boom! Chaos ensues as we feel explosions shake the pub. Just as I make my way up the stairs Grobb and Slithe run by me fleeing from who knows what. Torrent begins screaming that we need to get out of here. Everything is confusion.

Black Guard soldiers break into the pub and order us to surrender. War dogs bark in the street awaiting prey. Two more Black Guard attempt to surround us from upstairs. The situation looks bleak.

Now its our turn…

Kirouk begins cleaving into the thugs that came in through the front door. They don’t stand a chance. Some are raw recruits and they look terrified facing this skilled opponent. Several go down before him.

Slithe disappears completely right before my eyes. Grobb enters the battle and is even more terrifying in ferocity than Kirouk. I call upon Amaunator and use the power to assist finishing off weakened opponents with brilliant radiance. These ruffians are too weak to resist.

We eventually escape as the Pub is practically collapsing before us. Belsay apparently has a power of summoning knives or daggers or some such, which helped to finish off the recruits. Slithe had been fighting the war dogs in the ally outside the pub. A knight on horseback could be seen fleeing as I approached. My companions mention the name of Kathor and that he was the leader of the ones attaching us.

As we finish up the battle a family approaches us. They are badly injured. We discover Wyvern Riders had bombed their home the same as the Pub. How much of the city was damaged?

We take the group to the Aquiline church to get help for them. Here we meet with the head priest (who I know well) Fiodar Soulheart. The church is already at max capacity with the injured but does take the family in. Fiodar has no information on what has happened.

We decide to press on with the mission to find Rivereye Badgerface. But there are now more questions. What is going on in the city? Will this new development make it easier or more difficult to find the gnome and escape the city…?



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