War of the Burning Sky

War is Coming

The Beginning…

An army is marching from Ragesia. People are frightened. The council is foolish. I, Regdar am forced into a difficult decision. No longer am I able to remain an indirect member of the resistance. I must withdraw from my duties with the church and defend the city.

Emperor Coaltongue appears to be dead. His wizard lieutenant Leska is marching an army with Gate Pass as the target. The city is not letting anyone in or out. Messengers are arriving burned and dying. The council is rumored to be considering allowing the Ragesians entrance into the city. These are ill tidings indeed.

My link to the resistance Nelson Farcry setup a meeting at his home. Here I met with some other resistance members. The others were Belsay a human magic user of some kind, Kirouka Half-Orc warrior, a full Orc brute known as Grobb, and a hooded drow named Slithe. My first impressions were mixed. They seemed capable enough at first glance in a combat situation but if we were to do anything beyond scare the shit out of someone or bash heads I might be better going on alone.

We learn from Nelson that the owner of the Poison Apple Pub Trehan Finner has been captured and that inquisitors may now have him. And now the pub is where we are to meet someone by the name of Torrent. Apparently she is a member of the resistance and has a mission for this motley group.

We find the Poison Apple Pub and are let in by Torrent. She is a striking woman with white hair…apparently a cleric as well. She confirms the news and rumors of an army on the march and it could arrive within a day. Torrent needs us to find a gnome named Rivereye Badgerface. Apparently he can be found at the Depositary.

Unfortunately Rivereye Badgerface is a jumpy sort and his contact with the resistance Peppin Tallman is dead. So we must convince him to trust us and then somehow find a way to get out of the city. Once out of the city we are to travel to the city of Lyceum with a message.

Our assets include Torrent, a Signet Ring that belonged to Peppin, a pass phrase of the resistance night shines brightly, a potential contact on the council named Erdan Menash, and our own abilities.

We have agreed to find Badgerface first. And so it begins…



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