Belsay is a Human Wizard. Brown hair, Brown eyes, fair complexion. Neither handsome nor ugly. While his first impression does not strike fear into anyone, no one is inclined to trust Belsay on sight, either.


Belsay’s father is a soldier who has always respected (and secretly feared) the power of wizards. He feels that fighting in the front lines (like himself) is no place to be. It is much better to be an officer, and if not that, then a wizard is next. Since Belsay is not of large stature, but has uncommon intelligence, he was pushed into Gabal’s School of War. While Belsay’s dad is very proud of him, he also is subconsciuosly starting to fear him. This has resulted in a somewhat strained and superficial realtionship over the years.

Belsay cannot remember his mother. His father does not talk about her. He is pretty sure she is dead, but he has no hard evidence of that fact.

As a teen, Belsay’s small motor skills (specifically finger dexterity) were lacking and it was holding him back in the school. A teacher suggested he learn to tie flies for fishing to improve this. Over the years it has helped immensley. After tieing these flies, he decided to try them and discovered that a day of fishing can be very relaxing from the activities at school. Furthermore, he has met several Rangers that also enjoy fishing. From them he has learned a considerable amout. Nowdays, if he is not studying, Belsay can usually be found out by some rushing stream.

When Belsay was younger and first learning how to fish, he ran afoul of a tricky falcon. This falcon swooped down and stole his only fish of the day. As time went on, he saw the falcon, whom he started to call Thief, more and more. If not watched carefully, Thief would swoop in and a steal a fish that Belsay had caught. Sometimes, it would even steal a fish that he had on the line and was trying to land. At first, this was quite annoying, but eventually Belsay became more and more amused with Thief, and would even leave a fish obviously unguarded, just to watch the majesty of the swooping falcon.

It took a couple of patient years, and some help from one of his ranger friends, but Belsay and Thief built a mutual trust relationship and now work very well together.

Belsay orginally joined the Resistance because of pressure from his father. He was a reluctant memeber at best. Now, however, with rise of Leska and the Inquisitors, he is very willing participant.


War of the Burning Sky Belsay