Human Cleric



Although Regdar is trained in the art of battle he prefers fighting from the back line with divine energy strikes and bursts of healing energy for allies. He is not strong but does a wield a mace wisely, along with his divinely crafted Astral Symbol. Regdar currently wears Chain Mail armor for protection.

A worshiper of Amaunator, he believes most strongly in justice. All things must be fair and logical. He often takes this to the extreme…which has caused some issues with his fellow priests at times.

Regard is personable yet straight forward. He is known for his friendly smile yet piercing stare and confident disposition. Interestingly, Regdar is not known to be overly talkative in social situations. However, when a strategic opportunity presents itself he often becomes much more loquacious, talking through every possible permutation of a plan or situation. In battle Regdar is known for shouting out suggestions to allies, whether they need the advice or not.


Regdar has served in the Aquiline church all of his adult life. He considers his faith to be very important and links it closely to his civic responsibilities for the city of Gate Pass.

Regard is a descendant of Tench Marber that still believes in the ways of the Mercinia Church. He hopes for the church to one day rise again. Also, with ties to the resistance indirectly for years he has now been thrust into a more direct role. He has been given leave by the Church and is determined to thwart rule by Ragesia or any foreign power.


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