While news once reached the Free City-State of Gate Pass by weekly teleporting courier, that channel has gone silent, and now what little news there is must travel by the old routes of rumor — travelers from the outside world. You might be one of those travelers, or a concerned native of the city, but you have heard the rumors.

Emperor Drakus Coaltongue, ruler of the mighty Ragesian Empire which lies to the west of Gate Pass, has been slain in a distant nation, or so the rumors say. Of course, the rumors once said that Coaltongue was immortal. However, no one doubts the tales of armies mustering in Ragesia, with orders to secure the borders of the empire at this time of weakness and uncertainty. And from Shahalesti, the eladrin nation east of Gate Pass, the rumors say its ruler seeks to claim the vulnerable Ragesia for his people.

And so Gate Pass sits, alone in its mountain pass, one of the few safe routes between these two belligerent and antagonistic nations. For weeks the people of Gate Pass have been saying war would inevitably come to the city, and now the rumors are coming true…

Torchofthe burning sky

This is the Tuesday night campaign for “War of the Burning Sky” on Fantasy Ground. Lazarus is the DM.

If you are a player feel free to add any character info or background under the “Characters” link. Everyone is welcome to add content as they are able. I (Pluvious) will try to update the adventure log weekly so you can refer to that if you need to know/remember something about what is going on.

Any maps or other info added could be useful as well.

Here is the link to the Google Docs player’s guide for the campaign world:


War of the Burning Sky

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