Humans, Orcs and Half Orcs in Gate Pass

Gate Pass freely accepts orcs as citizens, in stark contrast to most other human settlements, and many have adapted well to the civilized life that is so different from their tribal culture.

Gate Pass is also widely known as a haven for half-orcs, and many come to the city to find their identity. In the formative years of the city, the half-orcs’ origins were hotly debated and both orcs and humans questioned their standing. For humans, half-orc signaled a lesser breed, and became a pejorative phrase. The orcs, however, saw an increase in their influence and power and elevated the odd race.

The divisions between all three races were wide, but in the earlier battles for Gate Pass, the halforcs fought and bled like the rest and the walls of prejudice fell quickly. Today, there is little prejudice and the half-orc population enjoys an equal stand amongst the humans and orcs.


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