Walls, Gates and Districts

With all the jaw about Gate Pass, me’s thought that it was somethin’ mag. But it’s same as other rumvilles; all innocents and cool ladies and budges. Everyone’s a pigeon, just like elsewhere; and now I’m here fighting a war …
… but I must say the districts impress me, each a half mile wide and walled all around — over a dozen of them. I could climb the walls easily enough; they’re only about thirty feet tall and made of hewn stone, but those grates at the top stick out — I would have to be a far better acrobat. I wish there were some rooftops near the walls, but there’s nothing within ten feet. This is probably by design. Maybe a massive ladder, like Rory suggested, would work, but finding the timber would be hard and the Ragesians would be quite suspicious. So, I think my focus must be on the gates. Steeleye is right; they’re all similar in design. A pair of reinforced wooden doors 20 feet tall by 8 wide stay open in the day and closed at night. There is a small steel access door to allow passage for individuals after sunset, and I’ve never seen vehicles or beasts allowed through at night. There are the standard arrow slits and murder holes where the gate is, but they are easily avoided. The guards are so typical: they never think of guarding the gatehouse as heavily as the gate. Even with 8 guards inside, it should be easy to sneak around from the window and leave through the other side… … the Rags are so hoddypeaked. We’ll get them foot wabblers hiking soon.


King of Rogues Private journal, written during the Ragesian occupation

Gate Pass is divided into districts. Each district is about a half mile square with natural stone walls to the north and south and inner walls to the east and west.
Typical Gates

A small guardhouse, which extends outward over the gate, is large enough to comfortably hold eight soldiers. The floor has murder holes and there are arrow slits along the outside walls. Stairs on the inside wall (the center-most side) lead to the upper barracks and a window that can be squeezed through allows a guard to see the area around the gate. More guards typically watch the ground level by day.

Passing between districts is relatively easy if one takes the main thoroughfare during the day, though the guards are known to perform random inspections. The High District, in the center of the city, is much more heavily guarded: typically twice the usual number of guards is on hand, and those guards have orders to randomly inspect someone every few minutes (especially those who look like outsiders).

The Pass Gates

Most traffic passes through the easternmost and westernmost districts, which have major gates that lead out of the city to Shahalesti and Ragesia respectively. These gates are much more heavily guarded: the exits have two sets of doors with a wide kill zone between them, and city taxes pay for a variety of magical defenses on the gates.


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